Torrentele zilei – 29 septembrie 2008

Ce a mai aparut recent pe net in materie de torrente, 29 septembrie 2008:

Fireman Sam On Stage *DVDRiP*
In The City of Sylvia *DVDRiP*
Natural Born Star *DVDRiP*
Rule Number One *DVDRiP*
Part Of The Weekend Never Dies *DVDRiP*
Lakeview Terrace *CAM*
Daphne *DVDRiP*
Glass Lips *DVDRiP*
The Accidental Husband *R5*
The Sorrows of Young Igor *DVDRiP*
Nafaka *DVDRiP*
A Taste Of Jupiter *DVDRiP*
Cosmic Current *DVDRiP*
My Daughter My Angel *DVDRiP*
When I Grow Up Ill Be a Kangaroo *DVDRiP*
Chocolate *DVDRiP*
Righteous Kill *R5*
Doctor Vampire *DVDRiP*
Addicted 2nd Video Issue *DVDRiP*
Journey to the Center of the Earth *SCREENER*
Rest Stop Dont Look Back *DVDRiP*
Copycat *DVDRiP*
Sommore The Queen Stands Alone *DVDRiP*
Plan Bee *R5*
Fireflies In The Garden *DVDRiP*
Flame And Citron *DVDSCR*
1000 Year Sleep *DVDRiP*
Laura Panic *DVDRiP*
Dimples *DVDRiP*
Flu Birds *DVDRiP*
Fifty Dead Men Walking *DVDSCR*
Unemployed *DVDRiP*
Video Violence When Renting Is Not Enough *DVDRiP*
The Vanguard *DVDRiP*
Tortilla Heaven *DVDRiP*


Subtitrare Righteous Kill –->
Subtitrare Rule Number One –->
Subtitrare Journey to the Center of the Earth –->

Hell’s Kitchen
Crysis Wars
The Price is Right
Sid Meiers Civilization IV Colonization
Nikopol Secrets Of The Immortals
Pinewood Derby
LEGO Batman
Pipe Mania
The Naked Brothers Band
Crazy Chicken Kart Thunder
Virtual Skipper 5

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