How do you get semen out of cat’s hair ?

How do you get semen out of cat’s hair ?
Nu ca as avea nevoiede raspunsu la o asemenea intrebare, eu nu am pisica. Dar am dat peste intrebarea asta pe Yahoo Answers.
Raspunsurile sunt pe masura.

You should have used a condom.

EW! what the hell where you doing man?
whatever fetishes you have, keep them to yourself! And try shampoo or something!

Dude – wrong pussy….cat.

wash that pussy

Have you been whackin off to your cat lately? Or did he just get in the way while you were searching the net for porn?

use the washing machine on the gentle cycle and don’t forget to add some fabric softener.

Be a better shot in the first place. Or get a hairless cat.

try microwaving it

yours or the cat….

torch it

Try tomato juice. If that doesn’t work then maybe some lotion.

all im going to say is OH MY GOD!

Sulphuric acid

Nu incercati asa ceva acasa!


  1. While this is true to a certain extent, semen is actually just another body fluid.

  2. „Nu incercati asa ceva acasa!” se refera doar la acidul sulfuric, sau… 😕

  3. How long will it take for my cat’s hair to grow back?! Humiliating lion cut..?what you say?

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